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distilledDistilled, by Neil Has anyone ever offered you an absinthe and you’ve taken it in the hope that you’ll find out what it is and maybe enjoy it? Or maybe you’d just like to discover a decent brandy that exists outside your mum’s famous Christmas trifle?

If so, then look no further than Distilled. This is a book for those of us who want to know more about the alcohol we enjoy and its many variations.

Written by friends of mine, Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley or ‘The Ant & Dec of the whisky industry’, as Charles Maclean refers to them, this awesome book won the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards Drink Book of the Year 2015.

There is a world of knowledge and facts to be learnt about something that most of us consume on a weekly basis (or if you’re a student, daily), and Distilled takes it all and puts it in one place.

From gin to brandy (both French and World brandy!) this book has it all. Through insightful prose and stunning pictures, it presents each different alcohol in an exciting and informative light.

A purchase of this book will not only open up how you view alcohol, but also teach you more about how each different spirit is created.

And this of course gives you the perfect excuse to use your new-found knowledge on your friends and educate them on what they’re drinking. Maybe next time they down a bottle of tequila they’ll consider more seriously the effort that went into its creation…

What really makes Distilled a remarkable book is the fact that it looks into the greats of the spirits industry, but also opens up the reader to a range of craft and artisanal products.

Prepare for your inner hipster to rise to the surface as you take a trip through the fringes of the spirits industry. A purchase of this book guarantees you’ll be able to say “I knew about that before it was famous”.

The introduction sets out the authors’ aims of “offering you our impressions of the most interesting examples out there, rather than specifically ‘the best’”.

They present a well-rounded look at every aspect of a spirit, not just the big players but the new breed, who will someday be playing in the big time.

This book is educational and exciting, with great pictures and the chance to learn more about the product you consume all the time. The knowledge learnt from its pages is something you can engage with every time you order a drink or walk into an off licence.

So do you have any reason not to purchase a copy of Distilled? Available here

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