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London-based Caskstrength Creative, run by drinks writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley are about to release their new project which has seen them travel the length and breadth of Scotland to unearth the uncommon.

The writers turned detective as they took on the role of cask hunters on a journey of discovery searching out the most unusual of all whisky casks, the ones that had just got forgotten, destined for blends that no longer exist, set aside for customers that went out of business or that had simply fallen off stock records.

Each one has a unique story to tell of its journey from the day it was filled to the day that our intrepid hunters found them quietly slumbering at the back of warehouses or in dusty corners.

Under the banner of Exile Casks they are now liberating these extraordinary single casks and releasing them to be enjoyed at last.

The single casks will be released in a small bottlings at cask strength in 50cl bottles and Neil and Joel are amazed at what they have found.

‘We really did not know what to expect but we discovered some real heroes, whiskies with extraordinary personalities that reflect the unusual journeys each cask has been on ‘.

Exile Casks celebrates these heroes and we are delighted to make them available for a lucky few to enjoy.’

The first Exile Cask Bottling, The Trojan will be available on March the 31st available only to order on line from

The Trojan is a 25 year old single cask Speyside whisky, from cask 3110, distilled on the 19th June 1990. It is bottled at 57.1% and limited to 306 bottles.

For further information please see the website or contact Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison at [email protected] or Joel

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