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Whisky Quarterly describes itself as a “luxury” whisky magazine, for “enthusiasts and connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life”.

Doing away with the Whisky swilling riff raff, Whisky Quarterly appeals to the more refined drammer.

This is the side of you that exists right before your fourth straight Scotch and says things like “This is an incredibly smooth expression”.

Now don’t get me wrong, Whisky Quarterly is not a written down version of you mot pretentious self, it’s actually a pretty good magazine.

Colin Hampden-White, photographer and Whisky lover, edits the magazine. It also has the well experienced Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison acting as Deputy-Editors.

Along with contributors such as author Dave Broom and blogger Alwynne Gwilt (Miss Whisky) there is a lot going for this magazine

It may be in its infancy with only two issues to its name but such big players in the Whisky game behind it, it can’t go far wrong. For the purposes of this review I will focus on their first issue as it sets a strong market for future editions

The first issue of Whisky Quarterly had a wide variation of articles that looked back into the traditions and history of the dram, and forward to where the Whisky market is moving.

The issue began by looking into several distilleries in Scotland and particularly focussing on Whisky bastion Speyside.

It moves on to looking at individuals in the Whisky world, including the deputy-editors.

Form here it heads further afield for inspiration and explores global Whiskies, with a focus on places like Australia and Sweden.

And if that isn’t enough excitement for you, Whisky Quarterly also includes special features that are like a marriage of the first two categories, including a look at Bowmore and the Indian whisky market.

These articles take a new perspective of things and are refreshing in a market that so often looks back.

Yes old Whisky is great, but new Whisky can be great too!

The magazine rounds off with a selection of five Whiskies chosen and reviewed by the editorial staff, as well as five froma guest commentor.

Whisky Quarterly also hopes to focus in on those who dedicate their lives to creating Whisky. In future editions it hopes to tell the stories of those who work in distilleries or run the whole show.

This promises to be in depth and informative. What better way to find out more about your favourite dram than from the very people who make it possible for you to enjoy your favourite dram!

Although it may be young, there is plenty of promise in the pages of Whisky Quarterly.

It offers new ways to consider whisky and definitely has that air of luxury about it.

So if you want to feel like a true gentleman/woman, who can stroke your moustache and look like a legitimate human being, then Whisky Quarterly is the way forward for you!



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