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Cocktail hours are great occasions to catch up with friends, old and new, in an informal atmosphere. Whether you’re entertaining visitors as the host, or awaiting a delicious dinner as a guest, looking your best will help you feel your best, too.


Choosing an outfit for such special occasions can be a long, difficult process, but accessories can often be mistakenly overlooked.


One accessory which can really make an outfit is the luxury watch.


Today’s leading brands create beautiful luxury watches which offer the very highest standards in aesthetic and functional quality. If you’re looking for one of the finest timepieces to show off at your next cocktail hour, take inspiration from our list of the top ten. Photos courtesy of


Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Automatic Date


This is a real jewel in Montblanc’s crown. As a world-renowned name in watchmaking, Montblanc has created this model to embody their honed approach to design: exquisite elegance, unparalleled functionality. This features a sunburnt finish and faceted hands of the classic dauphin shape. This is a deceptively-simple, masculine luxury watch, and the perfect complement to any look.


Breguet Classiquewatch1

Breguet has created a gorgeous timepiece here, featuring a winding mechanical movement, traditional coin edging, and a choice of sleek yellow or gold. This incorporates elements of the past, present, and future into its eclectic design.


Longines Master Collection


For the gentleman in need of superb technical flair and innovation, the Longines Master Collection is a leading choice. Its stunning design features a transparent back with a black chronograph dial and a stainless steel bracelet.


Piaget Altiplano watch2

Launched in 2010, the Altiplano is chic and stylish, with an impressively simple face. Measuring 43mm in width, this suits almost any outfit – dress it up with a suit, or wear it casual with a shirt and jeans. With a caliber 1200P, the Altiplano is said to feature the world’s slimmest automatic movement – a great conversation-starter!


Parmigian Tondawatch3

This is small but perfectly formed: less than 8mm thick, and a diameter of below 40mm. With a rotor made of solid platinum, the Tonda appears effortlessly stylish, offering great versatility to suit various colors and clothing combinations. This is available in either 18 carat rose gold or white.



Grand Seiko


Japanese company Seiko has become famed for their precise timing, as well as their atomic and quartz movements. This is a clean design with bold, angular hands, combined with a Hi-Beat movement of above 35,000bph, and an impressive power reserve exceeding 50 hours. On top of all this, its case is a striking rose gold, too.


 A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Thinwatch4

This luxury watch is beautifully simple and elegant. The Saxonia Thin is less than 3mm thick, with a power reserve of more than 70 hours, combined with a sleek 40mm diameter. Featuring an understated white and silver design, this will catch everyone’s eye.



Jean Dunand Palace


The Palace is the most fascinating and bizarre luxury watch you may ever see. Taking inspiration from various landscapes and structures from around the world, this features a flying tourbillion at its center, while the chain driving it is modeled on a vintage motorbike’s chain. Still not tempted? Well, you should be: the Palace can be customized to suit your own ideas.



Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillionwatch5

Anyone familiar with luxury watches will know the name Patek Philippe, and this model proves why. Just three of the Sky Moons are produced every year, and so there is no standard retail price. These astronomical timepieces feature elegant, intricate designs which may actually cause your cocktail hour guests to stop and stare. Days and lunar cycles are represented in classic styles.



MB&F HM3 Frog


This may come close to the Palace in terms of ingeniously-creative design. This is dubbed ‘Frog’ due to the two huge crystal and aluminum domes on the case, which resemble a frog’s bulbous eyes. The face features sleek green coloring, and can bring a dynamic touch to almost any outfit.

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