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Bar Reviews

Top Whisky Bars in Dubai

Top Whisky Bars in Dubai

Whisky is every where, so when you’re in one of the richest cities in the world, why not look for a classy place to rest your feet and enjoy your favourite drams.   Nippon Bottle Club People probab...

Bar review: Vault Dubai

Most people imagine a vault to be locked deep under ground and filled with treasures, but Vault Dubai is a little different. Only one of those impressions is true of the Vault bar.  Rather than being locked un...
Best Wine Bars in London

10 Best Wine Bars in London

Wine, like whisky, has a long and intricate history. It is tasted and appreciated in the same way and loved by many people. Here at Great Drams we already have our pick of the Top 5 Whisky Bars in London, and s...