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Whisky reviews

GreatDrams is one man’s mission to experience, share and inspire with everything great about whisky, fine dining and premium spirits… hence my whisky reviews (and whiskey reviews!).

The world of whisky is vast and expanding. There are countless different expressions. Keeping up can be a challenge, let alone knowing where to start.

Great Drams whisky reviews aim to give a balanced opinion on whiskies old and new from an avid whisky enthusiast. For round up posts, see posts like my top 10 best whiskies for under £40, my top 5 best rye whiskies or my top 5 scotch whiskies for under £100. For individual reviews of some interesting varieties, by all means, dive in.

As things stand, there really isn’t all that much information available to those of us interested in exploring the wonderful whiskies of this world. Great Drams as a site exists to try and change that. Hopefully, my whisky reviews are a good start.


A Look at the Future of American Whiskey

If only we could all look into the future. We could maybe see why one drink was definitely a better choice than two or why staying away from that kebab shop might be a good idea. Unfortunately we can’t look in...
Christmas Whisky Gift Guide

The GreatDrams Christmas Whisky Gift Guide 2018 Part 1

I'm sure you're aware already, but its that time of year again GreatDrammers where we all open our wallets and decide what we should treat our loved ones to for Christmas, and as is now traditional I am again w...
Steel Bonnets Blended Whisky

Steel Bonnets Blended Malt Whisky

Hailing from the Lakes Distillery, one of the few English distilleries around, Steel Bonnets is an impressive malt. The Brand The Lakes Distillery, situated in, you guessed it, the Lake District, is a relativ...