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Welcome to the GreatDrams Start Page. First things first – thank you for visiting GreatDrams.com, I appreciate you taking the time to read through what I write and maybe even leave a short comment or two where you feel inspired to do so.

GreatDrams is committed to writing quality content that charts my journey through whisky, whisk(e)y, gin, beer and fine food; essentially it curates what is good out there in each category and tells you about it in an honest, occasionally amusing tone.

Getting you started

To save you some time I’ve curated some of our readers’ favourite posts for you so you can get used to how things are done around here. This list automatically updates so do check back from time to time to see if anything has changed.

richard paterson

GreatDrams attends a private whisky tasting with The Dalmore legend Richard Paterson

I was invited up to The Dalmore distillery a couple of weeks ago to get immersed into the brand, the ...
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GreatDrams Top 10 Whisky Bottles

GreatDrams Top 10 Whisky Bottles by Design

Do you ever consider the bottle your whisky comes in? Here at GreatDrams we like to take a closer look at ...
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whisky adverts

Top 10 Whisky Adverts of 2015

Whisky has to attract new customers somehow, and with the release of Johnnie Walker’s new ad campaign we are seeing ...
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whisky advertising

An in depth look at whisky advertising

Advertising plays a huge part in all our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. But what about whisky ...
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Old school whisky advertising

Old school whisky advertising

Nowadays we are used to seeing epic lifestyle-led stories in spirits and beer advertising. Think the £10million spent on the ...
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Lagavulin 16 review

Lagavulin 16 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

Lagavulin 16 Review by GreatDrams The following Lagavulin 16 review first appeared on GreatDrams.com Lagavulin is one of the eight ...
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Jameson Limited Edition bottle

Exclusive interview: James Earley, designer of the 2016 Jameson Limited Edition bottle

On a recent trip to Dublin with Jameson I got to sit down with James Earley, the designer of the ...
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Top 10 Distillery Visits in Scotland

Any distillery tour is a must for Whisky enthusiasts but here is a selection of some of the best.  The ...
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Bruichladdich MCMLXXXV

REVIEW: Bruichladdich MCMLXXXV ’85 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Every now and then, roughly once a year, I have a full on blow out where I buy a ridiculous ...
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spey whisky

Michael Owen and literally the worst advert ever made

Now, I'm not sure many of you will know this but I'm a die hard Liverpool FC fan, have been ...
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ardbeg day 2014

My dramazing weekend as a guest of Ardbeg’s for Ardbeg Day 2014

There are precious few weekends when I genuinely plan to do absolutely nothing but sit, play with the cats and ...
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101 whiskies

An interview with Ian Buxton, author of the 101 Whiskies series

Firstly thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed for GreatDrams, it truly is an honour, and I do ...
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Diageo Special Releases 2015

Reviewing the Diageo Special Releases 2015

Holy wow. Like many I spoke to last night, being invited to a Diageo Special Releases launch evening was pretty high ...
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whisky predictions 2016

GreatDrams whisky predictions for 2016

Now, I am by no means a fortune teller and definitely am not professing to know what will happen but ...
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whisky enthusiast

10 ways to mildly irritate a whisky enthusiast

Use “Whiskey” instead of “Whisky” when referring to a Scotch I see this happening on Facebook a lot and although technically the ...
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Top 5 Mixologists of 2015

Mixology is an art that has been blossoming in recent years.  People are more attracted than ever to the cocktail ...
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Ben Bracken

Reviewing the 2015 Ben Bracken Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Range

Released on November 12th 2015, Ben Bracken is a range of single malts produced by discount supermarket Lidl. The release ...
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laphroaig distillery

An epic tasting at the Laphroaig Distillery during #FeisIle 2015

I love Laphroaig. There I've said it. The distillery is one of two spiritual homes of mine (Anfield being the ...
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