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News just in from The London Distillery Company (TLDC) press office.

They can today confirm that the co-founder of the business, Mr. Darren W Rook, is no longer employed by TLDC or remains a director of any Group company. Darren’s employment by the Group was terminated by the board on 18th December 2017 as a result of concern over the tax affairs of the business. This is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Company and HMRC has been informed.

The Company has enjoyed record sales since the appointment of a new management team in October 2017 and their focus on improving processes, governance and operating margins contributed to the discovery of this issue.

No further details are available at this time, but I would like to wish Darren all the best – his passion for making the London distillery project happen was infectious and I’m sure his next endeavour will be a success. 

Read more about The London Distillery Company here.

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  1. Sounds Plausible

    Let’s hope all the people he’s left high and dry feel the same way


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